Some users who work on Remote Desktop Session Hosts (aka Windows Terminalservers) like to have two taskbars open at the same time – the one of the local desktop and the one of the terminalserver. For example this can make sense if you work in the remote session most of the time but still have tools for communication or notification running on the local desktop which you would most likely if you didn’t see the local taskbar, too.

While the builtin possibilities to change the remote sessions resolution in .rdp files are limited to some standard resolutions, it is possible to edit .rdp-files and enter custom values.


Change the screen resolution of an RDP session to fully fill the local desktop without overlaying the local taskbar.


  • Configure an .rdp file to suit your needs and use a fixed resolution (instead of using fulscreen)
  • Edit the .rdp file using any text editor
    • If the file has been signed, remove the rows “signscope: …” and “signature: …”
    • For full HD displays, replace the rows “desktopwidth: …” and “desktopheight: …” with the following ones:
  • Save the .rdp file
  • If required, (re-)sign the .rdp file

For different screen resolutions, just change the numbers.